Monday, March 19, 2012

Back to work!

I went back to work on my Pulmonology (Lung) rotation last week. We got the go ahead from Dr. Browne after my ultrasound showed that my fluid level returned to normal and I was no longer in preterm labor. It has been very nice seeing all of mommy's coworkers again! I met my new doctor, Dr. Sims, today who will be taking over our care once Dr. Browne leaves next week. It seems she is up for the challenge. When they were checking in on you with the ultrasound you were acting up as usual! We really wanted you to kick, but you would only kick when they weren't looking. And of course when they put you on the monitor you heart was beating away and sounded really good along side about a million kicks and turns. I absolutely loved it!!!!

I am looking forward to this week because your Grandma May will be coming to town for my baby shower on Saturday. I will take lots of pictures for you to see when you are older. So far this is the most normal thing we have been able to do together since I have had you in my tummy. Mommy's friends Katie and Hailey have planned a fun day for us and I really appreciate it!!!

Your daddy is in Portland interviewing for a job today at a very nice hospital. He said it was encouraging and we will hear if he gets the job within a week or so. He told me all about the hospital and the group and hopefully it will be a little change of pace from his residency.

Stay patient Owen bear! I need to let you grow for another 6 weeks before you will be big and strong enough for the doctors to take care of you. Until then I can take extra good care of you and keep you safe. You have a lot of love waiting for you from a lot of family and friends (and wiener dogs)!
-Love Mom

Saturday, March 3, 2012

It's not easy

Dear Owen,

Well, little guy, we just don't do things the easy way! But that's okay, we will make it through all of this together! Last Tuesday I went into work for the night shift, which apparently you didn't appreciate. I started having contractions, yes real ones, as if you wanted to come out early. They were really close together, which scared me! I got checked out by the doctors at the hospital that I work at and where you will be delivered. They said they didn't think I was in preterm labor and did a test predicting that there is a 95% chance that you wouldn't deliver in at least the next 2 weeks. So I had to stay home from work a few days until I saw Dr. Browne again.

We went in on Friday, when you were 30weeks and had another ultrasound done by Cindy to see what you were up to. You were very healthy and might I say very CUTE! You let us take one 3D picture of your face which was amazing! We can see the hair on your head, your lips and your cute chubby cheeks. You weighed 3lbs 1oz which is normal for 30 weeks. Dr. Browne measured to see how big your lungs were, since that is what will help you do well when you are born. He showed me your diaphragm and said the hole is far to the back but on the middle right side (which is a little different than a lot of the kids with CDH). We saw the top of your stomach and some of your small intestine poking through. No liver and no spleen. You will learn what those are soon enough having two doctors as parents! This is all as expected. Your lungs filled 2/3 of your chest cavity! That is a lot!

Since I was still contracting and not getting any better we looked and saw that the fluid you are floating around in was way too much, making my body think that you needed to come out, which would be very bad for you. They rechecked my cervix which was closed and not anywhere close to letting you out anytime soon. So... I am taking Advil to try to decreased all of that extra fluid since you are having a little trouble swallowing it and clearing it out. Hopefully we can stop those contractions and keep you in for awhile. The other hiccup we have now is that I can't work until we get this under control. I luckily work for the best program, who are all very supportive and have made it possible on short notice for me to stay home and take care of you. I can't thank them enough! Toby and Henry are very excited because they get to lay around with me all day.

I just know we will get all of this worked out and get you big and healthy before you are born. Your dad and grandparents are so excited to meet you and spoil you. And of course I am absolutely in love with you!

We love you so much Owen bear!
Owen 3D! Look at those cheeks!

Birthday flowers and new shirt.