Saturday, March 2, 2013

10 months and more!

Owen bear,

We have flown through another month. You are 10 months old now and I know I said this last month but you have seriously packed on the pounds! (which is exactly what we want). 22 pounds! Thats a lot to carry around. You have a little pooch on your belly and when I get you undressed for your bath you slap your belly. Such a silly guy!

On February 14, Valntines Day we actually got to go out and celebrate. Your daddy took me to a very nice restaurant called, Papa Hadyn and treated me to an excellent dinner and most importantly a chocolate raspberry truffle for dessert.  You had a blast and sat by yourself in the highchair and knocked all of your toys on the floor. Of course we didn't mind because you are doing exactly what you should do at your age :). I got 2 dozen roses too! My boys must love me.

 Last week we had company. Uncle John and Stuart came to visit. John visited from New York and Stu flew in from Chicago. He brought you a Chicago t-shirt which fit nicely despite the new weight gain. We got to take them out to several restaurants here and of course we took them to Deschute's our favorite place to take a baby and get a good beer. We took a short trip up to Mt. Hood and stayed at Timberline Lodge. We packed up all of your gear and didn't forget anything important. We had to bump up your oxygen a little because of the elevation, but you returned back to 1/2 liter when we came down. Your dad went skiing and John and Stu went snowboarding. I must say that you are not a big fan of the snow. While they were here I had my 29th birthday and we got to do exactly what I wanted. Hang out with my little bear, go shopping, eat ice cream and have a nice home cooked steak and taters dinner. Mmmm....mmm.mmmm!

At Timberline Lodge
We didn't get a room with a tub so we had to make do with a Rubbermaid
That's Mommy's beer!

Chunky Monkey Chicago Tee
 Just recently while on our first vacation you started saying some baby words! So excited! You first said "ba ba ba" and I swear I have hear a lot of "ma ma ma" but not caught on video. Yesterday was the first time I heard "da da da".


We went to see Dr. Carlson, your cardiologist yesterday. I was a little nervous, but your echo turned out to be just fine. Your pulmonary hypertension is slowly improving and your heart function is "very normal" according to Dr. Carlson. She said she was pleased and you were ready for your surgery. So, on that front we have you scheduled to have surgery March 7th. We are anxiously awaiting , but looking forward to some hopefully positive changes.

My hope for you this month my bear is
1. Continue to make you happy
2. Hopefully the fundoplication and g-tube will improve your vomiting
3. Start introducing more solid foods through your tube in preparation to have you fully on a blenderized diet around 1.
4. Continue to gain weight
5. Keep you from getting sick

As always my sweet bear, I love you forever!