Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The end of the year you were born!

Hey Owen,

Happy New Year!!!!! Today it is 2013. We have ended the year you were born in high spirits and in pretty good shape. This past year was incredible. Full of struggles, tears, stress, moves and in the end full of happiness, smiles and most importantly ...LOVE! Dad and I spent New Years Eve just the way I had dreamed only one year ago. We spent it with you at home...together and in love.

Recently you are starting to sit on your own. Yes! When you get distracted you tend to fall over the way you are looking but we will get there little bear. You are making amazing strides and have quite a boyish personality. You are getting louder everyday! We continue to try foods everyday.

On Christmas day we enjoyed two amazing surprises. First, your Grammy and Grandpa May flew in from Oklahoma. We enjoyed a nice holiday meal with a turkey, dressing, green beans, sweet potatoes and homemade pumpkin pie. We were also very blessed to have been sponsored by a company through Doernbecher Children's Hospital for Christmas this year. You had a blast opening presents with your grandpa. You got an exersaucer (which grandpa put together), a sit and stand toy, and noise making book,a chair with your name on it, an OKC Thunder shirt and some very handsome clothes. I am making up for all of the days in the NICU that you spent undressed and I get you dressed up and ready for each amazing day I get to spend with you at home. We were able to do a lot with your grandparents around Portland. We went to see the Christmas lights again, to Washington Square mall, we ate at Cheesecake Factory, Deschutes brewery, shopping in the Pearl district and ended their trip with a stroll down the Willamette River. It has been so much fun now that we are able to get out and do more together!

Your dad and I love, love, love you. We are so incredible lucky and proud. As your dad and I waited to ring in the new year I just reflected on all of the things we were thankful for.....You! I find myself emotional when I think that we could have been without a bear during the holidays, but before I get lost in my emotions I remember that I am the lucky mom who fought hard and cared so much for her bear that I get to run back and kiss your cheek and know that we are together. We are all due for a good year my sweetheart! What I want for you this year and as always is to be happy. We are going to try to keep this year as stress free as possible. No big changes except watching you grow and giving you many opportunities to grow, explore and to be loved.

Mom and Dad

Grammy and Grandpa May on Christmas Day 2012

Opening presents on your first Christmas. Toby is also dressed up.

Oh, Christmas Tree! Look at all of those presents!

Owen's 1st Christmas stocking

Love from Grammy

Out to see those Christmas lights on Peacock Lane again. Mom just couldn't get enough.

Cheesecake Factory with Grammy and Grandpa. Our first restaurant outing.

Sharing a soda with mommy

Look at our Snowman!

Eating at Deschute's Brewery


Owen's very own chair. From Mama and Dada.

Enjoying your Exersaucer- Naked!

Shopping at Anthropologie and getting into trouble with Grandpa.

Walking along the Willamette River.