Sunday, February 10, 2013

I love you!


This is just because I wanted to say I love you!


with Toby

Toby liked this!

Henry getting some kisses (XOXOXO)

with your brothers all in the same photo

Sunday, February 3, 2013

9 months


Wheeewh! Another month just flew by! You are now a big happy 9 month old! We love you! So now at 9 months not a lot has changed. Your health is improving. You are sitting very well...not quite trustworthy yet. You are very active in your exersaucer. You like bouncing so much that when we hold you, you start to bounce so we know to put you in it. For not yet crawling you are very active and already and handful.  You are rolling much more than I remember last month!

It is a little colder here so I am not getting out of the house as much. You came down with another runny nose so I'm going to try to keep you away from those germs and isolated as much as possible. We had a cardiology visit last Friday and from the looks of your echo your heart is doing much better. It is pumping away much stronger and your pulmonary hypertension has improved so much that your heart looks almost normal. That visit was so encouraging because Dr. Carlson only had GOOD news to tell us. That has never happened before.

Lately I have taken you outside a few times with the last few days being so sunny. We went to Grant park where they have the Beverly Cleary statues. Today we went to the Hillsdale farmers market where you talked to almost every kid who came by. It makes me happy for you to see other children playing, so that you will see what you will get to do one day :)

On the other front, we went into the hospital for your surgery to get the G-tube (stomach feeding tube) and the fundoplication to help you not vomit, but they checked some nutrition labs to make sure you would heal well post-op and one called the prealbumin was low. This is probably from the cold you had 2 weeks ago and the fact that you are growing and continue to need more calories. Sometimes I feel like I have let you down, because after all it is a mothers job to feed and nourish her child and although I tried it just wasn't good enough. My new plan is to keep on top of checking your weight and keeping on top of the doctors and dietitians to guide me to better nutrition as soon as you show you need help.

I know if I keep trying my hardest it can happen Little Bear. I know this surgery is what is best,but we definitely want to only do it if everything is perfect. You continue to amaze us and everyone who knows you. Everyday, dad and I are so thankful that we get to know you.

Love you!!!!


Looking like your Dad

Playing at the hospital

Doing physical therapy with the couch cushion

Rolling over

Grant park

Beverly Cleary Ramona statue

Watching the Super Bowl

Watching the Beyonce half-time show :)