Sunday, December 23, 2012

8 months old

 Owen Bear,

You are now 8 months old and finally growing like a weed. We have you gaining weight, which is so important in order for your lungs and pulmonary vessels to grow. You are on less oxygen. Only 1/4 of a liter. We still have you on the feeding tube through your nose that bypasses the stomach called the NJ tube. This is the reason you are gaining weight, because you can actually keep your milk down (well my hard earned milk). You have been gaining so many milestones and are catching up! You are such a boy and are starting to babble like crazy.  Every once in awhile I hear a "ma" "na" and lots of "gaga, googoos". I have to say you are the loudest with your dad. I guess boys are just loud. You have teeth!!! That's right ...2 teeth on the bottom and another on the bottom about to pop through. In the last 2 weeks you have spent more time on your tummy and prefer to sleep on your belly.  Slowly but surely you are becoming more mobile, so I'm having to start to baby proof to keep you where I want you and out of things.

We have had all of your doctors appointments including surgery, cardiology, pulmonology, pediatrician and feeding clinic and you have more than impressed all of your doctors. They are all very happy with how you are improving. I still give you medicines for reflux, pulmonary hypertension, a medicine that makes you get rid of extra fluid and an inhaler. We will keep these going until you are able to wean off oxygen. Oxygen is so much more of a hassle than a few extra medicines. The plan for now is to do the surgery for the g-tube on January 22 if everything is perfect and you are gaining weight. Its so important that you be in tip top shape because it is so risky to put you to sleep for the procedure. I am very confident in you and your surgeon so I put my trust in him to make sure you are safe during this much needed surgery. Once we have the g-tube we will be able to make a lot more progress on your feeding since there won't be any tubes in the way and hopefully you won't be vomiting quite as much.

Your Nanna and Papa Derrevere were here last week to visit and have an early holiday. They got to go out with your dad and explore a little of Portland including Powell's books, the Pearl district, several galleries, and of course the food carts. We had a couple of early Christmas dinners and got to open presents. You got your very own Papa Derrevere designed "OWEN" letters that look amazing on the wall above your crib. The last evening they were here we loaded you up in the truck and drove to look at the amazing Christmas light display on the houses on Peacock Lane. So much fun, because as you know I love, love, love going to look at Christmas lights!

Papa Derrevere

Nanna Derrevere

Christmas lights on Peacock Lane

Your name above your crib

Christmas is almost here and it makes me remember last Christmas when I found out you had CDH. All your dad and I could think about prior to that ultrasound was whether you were going to be a boy or girl. A whole year later we have 100% BOY. We had no idea how this year was going to turn out and what challenges we would face, but you are here and happy and thriving. What a miracle! I am the luckiest momma ever! I mean it! You will definitely get a little more on my feelings for you when you turn a year old and how much of a miracle that will be. Grammy and Grandpa May will be here in a couple of days and I just can't wait. They will get here on Christmas and we are going to have a lot of fun!

We love you Owen Bear!
-Mom and Dad

Toby and Henry opening a Christmas present

White Christmas in Portland

Monday, December 10, 2012

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Owen Bear,

We made a special visit to Santa today. Very special for our whole family! We have made it to your first Christmas in excellent condition. I have been getting out of the house with you a little more recently, so when your dad had a day off we decided to go give Santa your Christmas list and get you on his "Nice" list! Tomorrow we will go get our Christmas tree and hopefully get it decorated when your grandparents come into town. We also have a Christmas party for your dad's work that we will hopefully get to attend. A lot of fun and exciting things that are giving us a little freedom. My wish for you this Christmas is for you to no longer have your oxygen and eating some foods by next Christmas. That would be an amazing present for me. We will see what this year brings. I'm sure many good things!