Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby bear,
We had another appointment today with Dr. Browne. It went very well and he had many good things to say about you. He showed us that your tummy and bowel were in the same place and not much has changed. You are growing well and are already 1lb 15oz inside my belly. We took a video of you but you were being stubborn and kept your little foot in your mouth the whole time.  I am so excited about getting to meet you but you better behave and stay in for a while until you are big enough to fight! I love your kicks. Your mommy had about a million questions for Dr. Browne and he answered every one and made me feel much better that you would be a strong little angel and had an excellent chance to make it. Your dad and I are still trying to decide where to have you but we have a few months to get that all figured out. In the mean time I have already started setting up your nursery and keep imagining what it will be like to hold you in my arms and rock you to sleep. The other big news I'm sure everyone was wondering is what we have decided to name you! And we have chosen Owen. It had to be short considering your last name is so long! I love you so much and so does your daddy! Here is your first video before you were born.
-Love Mom

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today I finally went back to work after the long holiday. I really enjoyed my time off with your grandparents and uncle in Oklahoma and some much needed time with our friends! Today was a good day! I went to see Dr. Shuler who is a heart doctor for babies even before they are born. We took pictures of your tiny heart through my belly and saw that everything was normal. Poor Dr. Shuler had to answer all of mommy's questions and reassured me that your heart is normal and functioning well. I even got to hear your heartbeat again! For Christmas I got just what I wanted some good news about you and some very cute (I mean handsome) blankets, clothes and hats for you. Even some with your mommy and daddy's favorite school on them, the University of Oklahoma of course! These are some of the pictures of you before you were born and I also included your first embarrassing photo that was taken when we found out that you were going to be a boy. We love you so much!


It's a BOY!